Fresh Baked Goods<\/div><\/div>
The bakery section is the most attractive spot in the store. It is filled with the delightful scent of freshly baked breads and cookies delivered daily from local bakers. <\/span>\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n

Brands <\/span>you will find on our bread shelves:<\/span><\/h3>\r\n\u00a0<\/span>\r\n
    \r\n \t
  • A Bread Affair<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Casa Mendosa<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Country Harvest<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • D\u2019Italiano<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Dempster\u2019s<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • European Bread Bakery<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Healthy Life <\/span>Breads<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Healthy Way<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Home Pride<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Indian Life<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • McGavin\u2019s<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Mighty Muffins<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Olivier\u2019s Bread<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Oroweat<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Pane e Formaggio<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Silver Hills<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Sunrise Pita<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Terra Breads<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • The Artisan Bake Shoppe<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Uprising Bread<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Venice Bread<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Villaggio<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Weight Watchers<\/span><\/li>\r\n \t
  • Wonder Bread<\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ul><\/div>","next_url":"https:\/\/www.cityavenuemarket.ca\/?post_type=product&p=118","prev_url":""}